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of Residence
Accommodation purpose
Accommodation purpose
Holding a wedding 1
Team Retreats / Staff Parties 2
Family accommodation 3
Accommodation of a large group 4
Other... 5
Number of Geusts
Number of Geusts
1 guest 1
2 guests 2
3 guests 3
4 guests 4
5 guests 5
6 guests 6
7 guests 7
8 guests 8
9 guests 9
10 guests 10
11 guests 11
12 guests 12
13 guests 13
14 guests 14
15 guests 15
16 guests 16
17 guests 17
18 guests 18
19 guests 19
20 guests 20
more than 20 guests 21
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Ground floor
The ground floor is designed in the American General style and features a bathroom, wardrobe, fitness room and outdoor patio.
You can also take a bicycle or scooter for a sightseeing trip.

Patio for Relaxation

Enjoy an open-air BBQ in downtown Karlovy Vary.

Your Own Fitness Studio

The fitness studio features everything needed to keep fit: a treadmill, weights, a TRX system and other training equipment.
2nd floor
Designed in the Modern Classic style, the 2nd floor features a living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom and a small office.
The 2nd floor is an excellent place to hold meetings and gala dinners, as well as a casual getogethers for a large group of people.

Large Living Room with Kitchen

This room can easily accommodate up to 20 people— up to 30 if additional furniture is added.

Marble Bathroom

Combined with a luxurious finish, a minimalistic style makes this bathroom truly exceptional.

Small Office

This small office can also be used as a cozy bedroom.
3rd floor
Designed in the Modern Classic style, The 3rd floor features two guest rooms each with its own bathroom, and a master bedroom also with its own bathroom.
You and your guests can rest on comfortable beds with soft pillows and premium mattresses.

The Master Bedroom

The master bedroom embodies the entire residence’s luxury and splendor.

Two-Storied Guest Room

Featuring two blue shades, this guest room was decorated in the marine style.

Two-Storied Guest Room

A guest room decorated using Scandinavian marine style.
4th floor
With a loft-style design, the 4th floor features a spacious living room, guest room, shower, sauna, and a terrace.
Perfect for a fun get-together, it’s one of the few places you can enjoy an open-air BBQ while overlooking the beauty of the city.

Large Loft-Style Living Room

This room can accommodate up to 20 people. It can also be modified to hold conferences or banquets.

Outdoor terrace

Enjoy the mountain air of Karlovy Vary from your own terrace on the 4th floor.

Czech Residence's Finnish Sauna

Rejuvenate in a custom-built sauna made in Finland.

Loft-Style Bedroom

A romantic haven, the top-floor bedroom provides a special atmosphere when it rains in the evening.


Moskevská 30, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

+420 720 029 309